The Financial Police Barrack was built in the years 1910-11 by the company Romani of Malcesine on behalf of the Ministry of Finance.  The building was used by the Italian Financial Police up to the year 1915 to monitor the border between the Italian State and Austria that was located, at that time, a short distance away.  The position of the Barrack at “Bocca dei Forti” was strategic since the area was frequently used by smugglers.

At the end of World War I, the border was moved to the Brenner Pass and the Barrack was permanently abandoned.  Weather, vandalism and theft of materials led to the deterioration of the building and reduced it to a pile of rubble.  In the Sixties, the ruin was acquired by the Municipality of Malcesine for a nominal price, but remained in a state of neglect until 1983 when it was entrusted to GAM (Mountaineering Group of Malcesine).

GAM volunteers provided the force labor while the Municipality of Malcesine took charge of the project and provided materials.  Between 1983 and 1986, the ex Barrack of the Financial Police was completely restructured.  Since then, it has been used by the GAM as mountain hut but also as venue for numerous social, didactic and outdoor education activities for schools, youth groups and associations.