The territory of Mount Baldo is of great natural interest for its extraordinary wealth of plant species, to the point that botanists in the18th century referred to it as “Hortus Europae”.

Its particular geographical location in the   vicinity of the Po Valley at the edge of the Alps, the presence of Lake Garda and also the great altitude excursion of more than 2000 m in a relatively short span, determine a rapid succession of climatic and environmental conditions and a corresponding succession of plant formations.

At lakeshore level, the landscape is a sub-Mediterranean type where oak woods and olive groves stand out; next comes the thermophilic submontane zone characterized by oak, manna ash and hop hornbeam; higher up is the area of chestnut trees, beech trees and mixed conifer forests; at last comes, the alpine belt with its mountain pine woods, montane shrublands and grasslands.