The extinction of a plant species in a given territory is due to the alteration or destruction of its living environment (habitat).  In the area of Mount Baldo nearly a hundred species have reportedly become extinct (plants that were recorded in the past but of which there is no longer any trace).  For the most part, they were species related to traditional farming systems that are no longer practiced or that thrived in wetlands, which have been largely reclaimed.

Species currently threatened with extinction are included in lists produced at a provincial level that classify them according to their level of extinction risk.  For the nearly 2000 species that make up the flora of Mount Baldo, the situation is as follows:

  • 43 sp. critically endangered

  • 73 sp. threatened

  • 172 sp. vulnerable

  • 412 sp. of least concern

  • sp. not at risk

The habitats where most of the endangered species are located are Mount Baldo’s arid grasslands and its few remaining wetlands that for this reason deserve special protection.



Helianthemum apenninum


Anagallis tenella