The hamlet, the name of which means “small field”, is one of the highest permanent settlements (situated at an altitude of 1070 m) of the district of Ferrara di Monte Baldo connected to the exploitation of the limited available resources based on sheep-farming, raising small herds of cattle and cutting woods for firewood.

Campedel  is undoubtedly a very old settlement, fortified to control the old Baldo road called “Campiona” (today’s Strada Graziani) that passing through Pazzon reached Cavallo di Novezza and the Brentonico plateau: an alternative route to the one that unfolded   along the  Adige River Valley.  The hamlet, established before 1600, has two nearly perpendicular rows of buildings, the upper one consisting of stables, the other of homes.

Documents show how during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries the hamlets of Ferrara di Montebaldo were inhabited by Bavarian-Tyrolian settlers. In fact, some buildings in Campedel bear a close resemblance to similar structures found in villages of “Cimbrian” origin located in the Mounts of Lessinia.