The Botanic Garden of Novezzina is located in the town of Ferrara di Monte Baldo, 1232 meters above sea level on the eastern slope of the Baldo massif. Created in 1989 by the Mountain Community of Mount Baldo, the Botanic Garden covers an area of about 20,000 square meters. It is a collection of native plants and flowers, cultivated and exhibited for educational purposes, for conservation and scientific research, and ultimately to make them known.  Hundreds of native species of Mount Baldo feature in the Botanic Garden, with the sole exception of some species imported from other areas. Microenvironments and ecosystems have been artificially created as similar as possible to the original ones: from rocks to beech forest undergrowth, from pastures to ponds and puddles. The diverse natural environments of Mount Baldo have been recreated in this small area with the purpose of enabling visitors to gain direct knowledge of the various species without having to travel considerable distances or to overcome impressive ascents in order to come upon them in their natural setting.


In the Botanic Garden you can observe a variety of endemic species (meaning both the flora and fauna that managed to survive throughout the glacial periods, as it remained isolated on Mount Baldo above the level of the Garda and Adige glaciers, whilst elsewhere the ice caused other species to disappear) such as the Campanula petraea and Primula spectabilis, the Carex baldensis and Phisoplexis comosa; but also several kinds of orchids and other perhaps less eye-catching but nonetheless important species. Each plant specimen is identified by a special label with the name of the family, genus, species, Italian name and the vernacular name (where it is known) engraved on it. The new path is accessible for visitors with physical disabilities, which makes the premises more easily approachable.

An accessible path

Over the last few years, there has been a growing attention towards the need to make specific green areas suitable for everyone, but also to improve the accessibility of natural environments that do not have physical features actually limiting it.

Novezzina Hut and its surrounding areas have particular characteristics that make them suitable for the creation of paths accessible for disabled visitors:

– Proximity to areas of special interest – such as the Novezzina Botanic Garden – and to structures accessible for all; easily reachable by car and bus

  • Dazzling landscapes, panoramas and areas of environmental interest along the area of development of the paths

–    Cost-effectiveness of the project, which largely includes a pre-existing dirt road in good condition

The paths will be very easy, semi-flat, provided with intermediate and final stop areas; the ground surface will be compact, stable, even and obstacle free.
The project has converted the network of itineraries of the Botanic Garden into accessible paths measuring 2 meters in width and extending about 650 square meters, and provided a convenient parking lot at the entrance to the Hut.

The new exhibition and didactic space

The project has renewed the rooms of Novezzina Hut  for educational and exhibition purposes; the exhibition space will be used as a support center for scientific and research activities.

The exhibition spaces located in the annexes of the Botanic Garden of Mount Baldo is where the visit to the Garden either begins or ends, but also where visitors can gain knowledge on the unique landscape and environmental characteristics of the area of Mount Baldo.