The alpine hut, located in the Municipality of San Zeno di Montagna, but owned by the Municipality of Brenzone, includes a vast   territory divided in two distinct areas of pasture, Pralungo Basso and Pralungo Alto, separated by a strip of beech woods.  The largest rangeland is Pralungo Basso, although it is not as extensive as it used to be because of the propagation of vast hazel forests.  The pasture of Pralungo Alto, that includes the hamlet of “Due Pozze”, is located on a strip of land that developed mainly in length from the detrital filling of a small fault, as the name of the hut indicates (literally “long pasture”).

The “baito” of Pralungo Alto is a little different from other alpine huts of the area. Some of its features recall the more recent huts of the 19th century: along with the two traditional rooms, the “logo del latte” and the logo del fogo, this baito includes a third one used for the ripening of cheese, the “casàra” facing the slopes and partially dug into the rock.  As a result, the characteristic fireplace is located here on the side of the building instead of its far end.  Finally, the “logo del latte” overlooking the valley with its vaulted barn underneath, is not semi-circular but rectangular.

The “logo del latte” still retains its original and characteristic flooring consisting of a pavement of white pebbles.